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Conservative Space

Conservative space is a space for conservatives without the liberal censorship found on other sites. If you post something outlandish here or retarded or rude I won't be taking it down. Taking down someone's comments or posts doesn't allow for people to respond or to discuss their view. That said if the person is just trolling that is a different story. You can tell who is trolling by their general posting over all. They have no intention of having a legit discussion or learning or sharing information there purpose is disruption. Thus such individuals will find themselves blocked from the site.


The features of the site will increase as the site becomes more profitable. Currently the features include a section for user written news articles and another for blogs. Users personal wall allows for blurbs and link sharing. There is a messaging system which works about like email just intenal to the site. A book section tied to amazon.com A useful area that has stuff like links to statistic and US government legislative bodies for looking up bills and laws. The news section is broken into every country in the world and states. The site allows for the separation of friends and followers. If someone likes an article you have written they can go to your profile and see a list of others you maid available. There is a powerful search engine built into the site to allow looking up topics that may have been covered in blogs or articles. Basically this site was trully made for sharing information and making it easy to find.

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